Email Administration

Another important stat here is Last Login and IP Address. This shows when and from where they logged in, dorta. If the IP address here is, that means they logged in via webmail. If you need to know where they last logged in from and it shows, ask and we can try to lookup that information.


This page is basically the same as found in WebMail under Options, then Redirect/AutoReply. Out of Office or Vacation message is called Auto Reply or Auto Responder in this software.

The autoreply defaults to send a response once a day per email address and is adjustable.

The mailbox button just shows new messages on the server in that user's InBox only.

The Filtering button goes to the rules page. The g0,g1,g2,g3 rules are global and are not editable or adjustable by Domain Admins or users. However note that these rules push certain emails to the Spam folder. If that folder does not exist, these rules do nothing.

Note: The Spam foler is not created automatically. When a user is created login to WebMail and create the Spam folder, if wanted. Once created, you or the user cannot delete it. However, we at LCR can delete it. Just ask.

Please also read our section on how our spam filtering works from the help menu.


Aliases are created here. Unfortunately at this time, there is no one place to view all redirects and aliases for a domain. We have asked the developers for this and we know it's on their future feature list.

In Friends, we can do some advanced filtering. Most business users want nothing to do with this. But it has a couple of features that we can use. By selecting the Apply friends list but don't block anything or request confirmation, you can add from the email address to the Address List and they will be exempt for Surgemail internal spam filtering. But this does NOT exempt the message from filtering on the Barracuda.

Please visit our page on how our spam filtering works for more information.



This is an extension of the Surgemail's internal spam filtering. Please visit the page on spam filtering for more information.






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