Virus Scanned E-Mail

Looking for a better e-mail solution for your business? Didn't know that there was a better solution, like virus scanning of e-mail before you get it? LCR Computer can help your business run more efficiently.

E-mail is becoming the lifeblood of aggressive businesses these days. But if e-mail is so important, what happens when a computer gets the SirCam virus and then spreads it to all of your computers and to your customers? That's really good for your business, isn't it?

At LCR, we take security and viruses seriously. We spend lots of time making sure our servers are secure from break-ins and making sure they have not been compromised. We also virus scan all e-mail, both incoming and outgoing! Our philosophy is to stop the viruses at the mail server before they can get to you or to your customer!

We also provide convenient ways to get your e-mail. While we support all POP3 clients, we now also web based access to your e-mail. Web-based access means that when you are not at your own computer, all you need is Internet access and a browser to see if any new or important e-mails have arrived in your inbox. Or send a quick note to tell your boss that you just signed the deal of the century with your new client!

What's Different About Our E-mail?

Everyone has e-mail and if you and your business do not have e-mail, your business has a problem. Also your e-mail address should advertise your business, not Microsoft's Hotmail service or your local ISP. Besides those free e-mail accounts have some serious limitations, like reliability and size of attachments (if attachments are even allowed).

But along with the good e-mail, comes Spam (unsolicited e-mail) and viruses! LCR can not stop Spam, but then we don't allow our customers to send Spam and will kick you off for sending Spam.

But viruses! What do we do about viruses? LCR uses virus scanners at the e-mail level to make sure they don't get into your inbox in the first place.

But you say you have a virus scanner on your computer! Well, how often do you check for updates for your virus scanner? Once a week? Once a month? If you do, you are among the few that do. However that is not good enough anymore.

At LCR, we check HOURLY for new virus information automatically. And we make sure our e-mail virus scanners work. We send test e-mail to ourselves and make sure that the e-mail virus scanners catch and stomp on those nasty buggers. EVERY DAY! Not once in a while or once a week or once a month.

Why do we do that so often? These days, new viruses are written and found daily.. So we HAVE to be on top of that. Now the companies that write virus-scanning software are run and operated by real people just like you and me. Subject to making mistakes from time to time. Not very often in our experience, but it has happened.

So right after checking and installing any new virus definitions files, we send our selves a test virus to make sure the virus scanning software was not disabled by the latest definition file. In case you are wondering, no it's not a live computer virus. There is a trade organization called EICAR ( They wrote some test code and all the major anti-virus programs support this test code. We put that code inside a zip archive and e-mail it to ourselves. And every day, we get a note from our anti-virus software that this e-mail was infected with the EICAR test virus.

Oh by the way, the latest e-mail viruses are not nice. They pick random files from your hard drive and infect them and send them out to whoever is in your address book. They don't care if it's a copy of the company financials or a note to your sweetheart or a letter critical of your boss. If that doesn't convince you that you need virus scanned e-mail from LCR…




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