Enhanced Electronic Mail Services for Business

LCR Computer Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of enhanced e-mail services. E-Mail is a popular method for both formal and informal communication in today's world. To help your business communicate, LCR has developed low cost and effective tools for this purpose.

E-mail is a very effective tool to get out information to your sales force and to your customers. It would be hard to find a better tool to pass out color photos of that hot new property or car to help make a sale to a sales force spread across a wide area. But as with any tool, there are obstacles to its use. How do we get and implement these new tools effectively and safely?

That's where LCR comes in. LCR has put together a reliable, easy to use e-mail system with the features your business needs. We can mix and match the services you need. But one service we insist that you have when you are our customer is virus scanning of all e-mail. We take special procautions to find those nasty bugs before they get to your computers. And in case one of your computers is infected, we prevent your customers from getting a virus from you!

Enhanced Electronic Mail Services and Rates

LCR's Enhanced E-Mail Services have the following services available:

As many E-Mail Boxes as your business needs can be set up to send and receive mail. Mail Boxes can be designated with functions or titles i.e. sales@lcrcomputer.com or names i.e. lyle@lcrcomputer.com.

E-Mail addresses can be customized to the organizational needs and are owned by the organization. All incoming and outgoing e-mail is pre-scanned to ensure Virus-Free Communications.

Adminstrative functions, such as adding/removing mailboxes or changing passwords, can be performed in house by your own staff or you can request LCR to perform these tasks.

E-Mail is accessible via E-Mail Programs such as Outlook Express or from any Internet Browser. E-Mail is accessible from any computer and is Password Protected.

Mailing Lists can be created and maintained by your business. Customers can join mailing lists or drop out with no manual intervention by the your staff. Communications to customers sent out via a mailing list is done on a blind-carbon copy basis; the messages do not contain the customer's e-mail addresses. So the other recipients won't be able to see who else received this message.

An archive of these messages or newsletters can be maintained to allow reference to upcoming events, review past messages/newsletters and other information. This archive is accessible via an ordinary web browser on any computer with Internet access.

For further questions or to sign up, contact Lyle Giese @ 815-338-1072. Or e-mail at sales@lcrcomputer.com.

Service Package Rates:

  • Website, E-Mail, & (5) e-mail addresses: $180/6 Months - $360/Year
  • Website, E-Mail, & 30 e-mail addresses: $250/6 Months - $500/Year
  • E-Mail Only with 30 e-mail addresses: $180/6 Months - $360/Year
  • Additional e-mail addresses (20): $40/6 Months - $80/Year
  • Mailing lists $15 per list/6 Months $30/Year
  • DNS as needed: $10/6 Months - $20/Year.

LCR also provides custom solutions for businesses by request. Just tell us what you need, and we'll provide a plan that gets it done!





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