Churches and Non-Profit Organizations

LCR Computer Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Specialized Electronic Mail Services for Churches and Other Non-Profit Organizations. E-Mail is a popular method for both formal and informal communication in today's world. To help Get-The-Message-Out, LCR has developed a low cost and effective tool to allow for regular and ongoing communications within Churches and Other Non-Profit Organizations.

With the increasing cost of producing, sorting, stuffing and mailing regular Postal Mail, written communications with members are kept to a minimum. Long lead times in preparing Church Bulletins or Organizational Newsletters hamper quick responses to events such as The Terrorists Attacks of September 11th. Many Churches organized Prayer Services to allow members to come together to offer prayer and companionship during a time of tremendous stress. Church Offices received many calls for information. Some Organizations sent out e-mail to their membership to advise them of planned events. In many cases, members were not able to attend functions since they had no knowledge of the immediate scheduling of events.

Some organizations have begun the process of collecting e-mail addresses from their membership and sending out a limited amount of information electronically. Obstacles encountered have been: lack of familiarity with e-mail, limited resources on organization owned computer equipment, cost of e-mail addresses, failure of e-mail provider (i.e. @home), vulnerability of virus attack (i.e. Goner Virus), and confidentiality issues.

LCR's Specialized E-Mail Service contains the following functions:

Up to 30 E-Mail Boxes can be set up to send and receive mail. Mail Boxes can be designated with Church Titles i.e. or names i.e.

E-Mail addresses are customized to the organizational needs and are owned by the organization. All incoming and outgoing e-mail is pre-scanned to ensure Virus-Free Communications.

E-Mail is accessible via E-Mail Programs such as Outlook Express or from any Internet Browser. E-Mail is accessible from any computer and is Password Protected.

Mailing Lists can be created and maintained by the organization. Members can join mailing lists or drop out with no manual intervention by the organization's staff. Communications to members are sent out on a blind-carbon copy basis, the messages do not contain the membership's e-mail addresses.

An archive of communications/church bulletins/organizational newsletters can be maintained to allow reference to upcoming events, review past messages/sermons and other information. This archive is accessible via an ordinary web browser on any computer with Internet access.

Costs of Specialized Electronic Mail Service
LCR Computer Services, Inc. is aware of the many economic obstacles to communications between Organizations and their memberships. To this end, a low fee of $200 per year will allow a Church or Non-Profit Organization to quickly and economically service the needs of their membership. A small tagline will identify LCR Computer Services as the provider of the E-Mail Service.

Additional services are also available at reduced pricing for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations as needed, such as DNS hosting or website hosting.

For further questions or to sign up,
contact Lyle Giese @ 815-338-1072.

Additional Services and Packages are Available:

Church or Non-profit pricing:

  • Website, E-Mail, (1) Mailing List & (5) e-mail addresses: $200/Year
  • Website, E-Mail, (1) Mailing List & 30 e-mail addresses: $300/Year
  • E-Mail Only with (1) Mailing List & 30 e-mail addresses: $200/Year
  • Additional e-mail addresses (20): $50/Year
  • Additional Mailing lists $20/Year
  • DNS as needed: $10/Year.





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