Spam and virus filtering at LCR

This document is to help you the user of email at LCR Computer Services to understand how our service works and how you can help make it better. And where some of your email goes and where to look for lost email.

Spam and virus filtering is always a project in motion. Spam and viruses are ever changing and we have to change and adjust for it as time goes on. The bad guys work hard at getting past our filters to get to your Inbox.

One thing you as a user of email need to know, there is no perfect system to detect spam and viruses. Never has been, never will be. We are here to help and you can help by reporting misses. Reporting misses helps you and all users of our email system.

As a user, how do I find misses? Log into webmail at http://mail.<>/ Your login is the first part of your email address (before the @ sysmbol) and type in your password. If you don't know your password, we cannot tell you your password, but we can change it for you.

Once in webmail you will get a screen simular to this:


On the left side, you see some folders. The ones we are interested in are the two marked Spam and HELD. You are encouraged to check these folders once a week. Messages moved into either of these message folders are auto-deleted after sitting there for 14 days.

SPAM Folder:
If there is no spam folder, we encourage you to create one. Please pay attention to the capitalization as our mail server does consider Spam, SPAM and spam to be entirely different. Also once created, you cannot remove a Spam folder. If you created it with the wrong capitalization or can make a case to have it removed, you have to contact to have it removed. Neither user or administrators can remove this folder.

If there are legit messages in the SPAM folder, Click on the small check box to the left of the message(s). Click on the Forward button at the bottom of the screen and send a copy to We can usually figure why we got these messages, but if we have any questios, we will contact you. Also we may not respond to all these messages, but we do look at them and do our 'magic' in the background.

Now reselect these sames messages and in the lower right corner click on Move to folder... and select Inbox. This will move the messages to your Inbox and will be delivered as a normal message.

HELD Folder:
If there are any messages in the HELD, it will look like this:

Use the checkbox in the sel(ect) colum to flag the legit messages and then click on NotSpam. If you find messages from the same place land up here after a couple of times of flagging them as NotSpam, forward them to for further action.

Some of you may notice a button on this page marked Allow (add to friends). Please note two things have to be in alignment for this button to help the situation. First of all, friends needs to be set to 'Apply friends list but don't block anything or request confirmation.'

Second, the messages have to have the exact same From address on each and every message. Many mailing lists and commercially generated emails use unique addresses in the From field and adding those kinds of messages to Friends will not help you here.

Again, sending copies to will allow us to make these determinations for you and we can take the action(s) that will help you the most.





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