SPAM Management Guide
Quick guide to managing your SPAM folder.

Under "E-mail Address", type in your full email address, for instance, and type in your password under "Password" and click "Enter". Once in, click on the "Mailbox" button that appears.

On this screen, one new message in the Mailbox SPAM is shown. Click on SPAM.

This view will only show the first 20 messages in the SPAM folder. If there are more than 20 messages, left and right arrows will be found just above "Mark All" on either side of the selected message. Click on the left facing arrow to view the previous 20 messages and the right facing arrow to view the next 20 messages.

In this view, the green arrow (the next screen shot shows the green arrow, after the envelope symbol and before the From column) means this is a new message since the last time you entered webmail.

To view any message on this screen, click on the underlined name in the From column. After viewing the message, click on "back to SPAM" to get back to this page. When viewing individual messages, this option will be found both at the top of the message and at the bottom.

If you have decided that this message was not SPAM and you want to keep it, you need to move it to your INBOX or the mail server will delete the message automatically after 14 days. To move the message to your INBOX, click on the small box on the left side on the line with the message to move so a check mark appears (as shown above). Now in the middle, just above "Mailbox Management", click on the down arrow and select INBOX (as shown above). Now that we have the message checked and the INBOX selected, click on "Move to..." and the mail server will move the message to your INBOX and you can download it just like you normally do.

If the page has more than one message that you want to move, you can check off more than one message, select the INBOX and click on "Move to...". However this interface will only manage the twenty messages shown at once. So if there were messages on more than one page you wanted to move, you need to move these on one web page at a time. Move to the other web page and move those.

When you are done reviewing messages, clock on "Logout" and you are all done.




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