SPAM Rules Quickstart Guide
Quick guide to setting up SPAM filtering rules.

Before getting started, if you are uncomfortable performing these steps, we are more than happy to assist you, just contact us at

To begin, log into webmail using your email account at http://mail.<>. From the main menu click on the Rules link.

At this point, you may not currently have any rules set up. Enter the name you want for this new rule, we are showing "spam" in our example. Then click on the "Add Rule" button.

Click on Edit on the line that has appeared to set up the rule.

Fill in the blanks as above. Make sure that:
1) In the highest Parameter line, it is spaced out "X-Spam-Status: YES"
2) In the lowest parameter line, "somebody" is replaced by your own email account
3) SPAM must be entered in upper case for the auto-delete feature to work.

Click on Update, and do not leave the screen yet.

After hitting the Update above a new Action line appears. Change this second action to Discard and then click on update again. If you don't insert a Discard action after the Store In action, you will have copies of the spam email both in your inbox and in your spam folder.

Click on Rules and you will be back where you started with a new rule to move messages tagged by SpamAssassin(TM) to the SPAM folder automatically. Any messages left in the SPAM folder for 14 days will be automatically deleted. You may want to review the contents of the SPAM folder once in a while to make sure there were no false positives by SpamAssassin(TM).

Also from the Rules page you can temporarily disable the rule by changing the priority of the spam rule from 5 to Disabled, in case say you are going on vacation for longer than 14 days and don't want to chance a false positive being deleted. Then any message tagged as SPAM will stay in your inbox until you change the priority back to 5 on the rule.

Lastly, if you do not have a SPAM folder yet in your list of Mailboxes in webmail, you will need to create on of those spam emails will just disappear. Back at the Main Menu click on Mailboxes. If SPAM is not one of the mailboxes listed, type "SPAM" in the box on the line with the Create Mailbox button. Click on that button and SPAM will be one of the Mailboxes on this page.

You are all set to catch your SPAM in your SPAM folder now!

To review how to manage the emails once they are in the SPAM folder, click here.




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