Setting Up and Using LCR's SPAM Filtering
Quick Overview of LCR's SPAM Filtering for your email account.

We have now added SpamAssassin™ to our arsenal of weapons to fight SPAM. Starting June 15, 2003, all email coming into LCR Computer Service's email servers will be analyzed by SpamAssassin™.

SpamAssassin™ gives email a numerical score, and here at LCR we have found that a score of 7 catches roughly 75% of all SPAM and produces virtually no false positives. A quick example of a factor in the scoring might be searching for the word "click" which appears in a many SPAM emails, yet hardly, if ever, appears in personal correspondances.

If the software has scored an email as SPAM, something needs to be done with it. This process takes the original email and makes in an attachment to a new email and adds "***** SPAM *****" to the start of the subject. Open this message and you will see the details of the scoring and an attachment that holds the original email. You may continue to download these emails and delete them yourself, or you can setup rules to automatically deal with these emails.

Here at LCR we have come up with a couple of ways to deal with these emails so that you do not need to download them. The emails can be automatically deleted with no chance to review them, though not recommended by LCR. Instead, the messages can be moved to a special SPAM folder on the email server under your account that is accessable through the webmail interface. When using this option, LCR will automatically delete any SPAM email once it is over 14 days old.

Setting Up Filtering Rules
Using the SPAM Folder




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