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It's been a good run! I started LCR Computer in 1998 when I left the phone company and started running LCR full time. While working on computers for businesses and endusers, I also did web and email hosting. Back then having your own domain name was still new stuff. And I was there to help people establish their web presence.

Time flies and it's time for me to retire and move on. I still enjoy working on computers, but not much money in doing that anymore. Besides I want to spend more time outdoors and with my grandchildren in Colorado.

Don't get to excited about the buttons on the top and to the left. They are good information about things until I shutdown all services here at LCR.

If you want to contact me, email me at lyle at lcrcomputer.com and I will respond when I have time. Our old phone number will be disconnected at some time in the future. If you know me, you will have my cell phone number for urgent matters.


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